Therapy – Services are provided to youth who are the victim of sexual or physical abuse, human trafficking or other trauma.  Individual, family and group therapy is offered.  These support services are offered for youth birth to 18 years old.    

Forensic Interviewing – Forensic interviews are conducted for an investigative purpose and are carried out in a fact finding non-leading manner. 

Medical Exams – Medical exams are conducted by forensic nurse examiners when required by specific cases. 

Legal Advocacy – Support is provided to child and adolescent abuse victims as they navigate the criminal justice system. 

Advocacy/Case Management – Services are provided to children and families to assist them in various aspects of their life. 

Multidisciplinary Team – The Center coordinates a team of professionals involved in investigation, prosecution and long-term treatment processes. 



Problematic Sexual Behavior Treatment Program

Problematic sexual behavior can be categorized as sexual behaviors that are potentially harmful to self or others. These are behaviors that are not developmentally appropriate, occur excessively or interfere with daily functioning and are considered socially unacceptable. Individual treatment can be offered to youth ages 7-12.  There is also a PSB-Youth (PSB-Y) group treatment option for youth in this same age range.        

Regional Child Review Team of Rensselaer and Columbia Counties

The CFRT is in place to improve the coordination of child death investigations and reduce the incidence of preventable child deaths.    

Outreach Program

This program is made available through NY: Safe Harbour funds and is a partnership with the Rensselaer County Department of Social Services.  The program provides services to youth who are at risk or in particular youth who are at risk of becoming involved in human trafficking or are already a victim.  Provides services to youth up to age 21. 

Clinical Consultation Program

The Clinical Consultation Program includes clinical consultation and community referrals.  Clinical assessment and screening for children in foster care is also conducted.   

Trauma Assessment Needs Evaluation Program

The Trauma Assessment Needs Evaluation Program provides assessment of children and adolescents between the ages of four and eighteen entering foster care. 

Family Assistance Services

Family Assistance Services provides support and preventive intervention to families through case management services.  The family is linked with appropriate services and ongoing case coordination is provided. 

Rensselaer City School District Project AWARE

Through a SAMHSA Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education) grant the Center collaborates with the Rensselaer City School District to integrate mental health awareness and systems into the district.